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You need professional food photography. And I'm hungry!

You need professional photos of your food for your Instagram feed (you are doing Instagram, right?) You also need professional photos for your online menu, and for your printed menu. You also probably need lifestyle photos of chef and crew preparing food, and having fun, more stuff to keep the Instagram feed humming.

And I LOVE taking my 4 sons to interesting restaurants with delicious food.



Instagram photos for months
New photos for printed menu
Lifestyle portraits and photos of Chef & staff
New photos for online menu
High resolution digital negatives with full copyright*
Up to 8 hours of dedicated professional photography
An amazing meal and experience for my family. We love great food and great experiences!

Let's do a swap!

I have done food photography shoots for hundreds of restaurants in the Las Vegas area, and for 3 different episodes of the reality TV show "Beat Bobby Flay".

I'll come to your restaurant with professional lighting, and we'll make enough gorgeous photos of your beautiful food to keep your social media feeds fresh for months.

I always shoot tethered to a laptop so you can see the photos instantly as we make them.

Payment is flexible and dependent upon the scope of the job.

But most chef owners I work with prefer a combination of some cash + vouchers that allow me to bring my family to eat at your restaurant.

Questions? Check out our FAQ below the gallery.

Espresso and Ice Cream
Las Vegas Food Photography: On-Location
Las Vegas Restaurant Interior Architecture Photography
Food Photography at Green Valley Ranch - Hank's Fine Steaks and Martinis
Vegenation The Vegenation Burger
food photography for lip smacking foodie tours las vegas
Portrait Photography: Chef Yuri
Food restaurant photography for a point of sale (POS) system.
Hero Shot of Steak, Martini, Fries, Salad, Dessert
Steak Dinner + Appetizer + Salad at Jean Georges Steakhouse at ARIA
Las Vegas Taco Photos
Lip Smacking Foodie Tour Javiers
Las Vegas Restaurant Photography - Interior Architectural
Product Photography: Food Beverages Bottles
Korean BBQ Top-Down Bird's-Eye View
Vegas Food Photography at Bardot Brasserie
EDO Tapas - Peruvian Scallops, served raw, a house favorite.
Beverage Photos Cut-out on white seamless for Amazon and eCommerce
Meats on Meats on Meats + Cheese
Las Vegas Beverage Product Photography
Lip Smacking Foodie Tours Carson Kitchen DTLV


How much will this cost me?

Probably a couple hundred bucks cash, depending upon the size of the job, and then the opportunity to bring my family of 6 people to your restaurant to eat. If it's a very big job it may be more cash and multiple opportunities to eat at your restaurant. If it's a small quick job it could be less. Everything's negotiable. I respect that because of your training and excellence and craftsmanship and artistry there is great value in dining at your restaurant. And I expect a reciprocal appreciation for what goes into very good professional food photography.

Will I own the photos? Can I do anything with the photos?

You cannot sell the photos (like to a stock agency or to a magazine) but otherwise you effectively own the photos to post anywhere you want as often as you want. STEVEN JOSEPH PHOTOGRAPHY retains the right to use the photos for self-promotion (i.e., I will post them to my website and to my social media.) But otherwise they are yours.

When will I have the photos?

Quickly. While you will see the photos on a big laptop screen as they are being made, they will be lightly edited and delivered to you electronically as quickly as possible. If I'm very busy it might be a week or two. If I'm not busy it could be the next day or so.

Where will the photo shoot take place? Do I come to your studio?

No, I come to your restaurant.

Can you come to my restaurant during business hours?

Yes. Nearly every photo in the gallery above was taken in a working restaurant during business hours.

Do you work with a food stylist? Will you bring fancy surfaces and cutlery and linens etc?

All of those things are available at cost. Fancy surfaces can include black plexiglass, marble, weathered wood, slate tiles, etc. Fancy linens and cutlery and such can be purchased from your favorite source of these things. I am happy to talk about all of this and bring anything you want. I will simply pass the cost on to you. A food stylist can really bring a food photo shoot to the next level, but expect to pay at least $750-$2,000 per day for a professional food stylist.

How much physical room will you need in my restaurant?

You can put me way in the back with a medium sized dining table. I bring professional lighting on stands, I bring a laptop (so you can see the photos as we make them). I'll need access to a power outlet. That's about it.

For additioanl questions or to plan your shoot here's how to contact me.

Steve - 702-904-2972 steve@expotraffic.com

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