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Trade Show Headshot Activation in Las Vegas, NV

Simply the best tradeshow headshot Photo Booth there is. There is no better way to generate leads at your tradeshow booth than with high-quality headshots with instantaneous email and SMS delivery.

We will attract about 250 people every 8-hour day, or about 700 unique leads in 21 hours (2.5 days) on the tradeshow floor. The EXPO TRAFFIC HEADSHOT ACTIVATION is available everywhere planes fly to EXPOS, TRADESHOWS, CONFERENCES and CONVENTIONS.

Steve and his experienced team made the whole event seamless from startup to the breakdown of the four-day event, Fal.con, CrowdStrikes’ users’ conference. We had a line from the start to the end of the expo. We couldn’t have wished for a better team to drive lead generation during the conference.

We surpassed all our lead generation goals for the event.

- Tim, Alliance Executive, AWS

We had 4 times the number of leads from the previous year.

- Tomsen, Partner Marketing Manager, AWS

Thank you! You were absolutely amazing...the hundreds of people that came through our booth just to get a headshot was so remarkable in so many ways. We were able to spend such quality time getting to network due to you being there. Not only did we get to network with people and companies that we never would have had the opportunity to do so but the line was always around the corner and people were completely willing to wait.

- Carrie Gable Senior Account Manager Account Development Business Development PPD® Biotech

I thought Steven was so professional and welcoming with everyone. He set the tone for people to feel comfortable getting their photo taken and made them laugh and enjoy the experience. The instantaneous social sharing was perfect for starting conversations with people. I think the whole thing was a big hit and everyone is raving about the photos. They look SO good! I can’t wait to use my new headshot.

- Courtney Bryan Sales Manager at Travelzoo
Thank you so much for providing such a great crowd generation experience in our booth. We absolutely knocked it out of the park, and we got so much feedback from our attendees about how at ease you made them feel and how great the photos turned out. The booth was the talk of the convention.

– Alex Gant, Senior Marketing Manager, EVIDERA

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