FAQ - Just Great Headshots

What are the biggest differences between Just Great Headshots and The Expo Traffic Dominator?

  1. Much less traffic to your tradeshow booth.
  2. These high quality headshots are more of a "Thank You" to those who visit your booth than a way to create an ideal selling environment.
  3. Much smaller footprint.
  4. Live viewing of photos with no social sharing.
  5. Less gear:
    • Just one studio light, compared to gorgeous 5-point lighting for our Expo Dominator.
    • Just one live viewing kiosk - compared to the 4-7 social sharing kiosks we bring for the Expo Dominator.
  6. Smaller investment.

How big is your footprint for Just Great Headshots?

We can squeeze into a 10'x10' space but a larger space yields better results. Because our photographer will briefly step outside of that space 3 or 4 feet in order to make a flattering photo of each of your visitors, the footprint may expand to 10'x14' while photos are being made. But all the gear can be contained within the 10'x10' space.

Why is Just Great Headshots less expensive than the Expo Traffic Dominator?

While your guests still get high quality headshots, JGH costs less because we bring less and you get less. Most importantly, you don't get the longest line of customers with the longest dwell times on the tradeshow floor, like you do with the Expo Traffic Dominator. While your guests will not be able to socially share in real-time, they will be able to see their photos in real-time on an iPad, and you will generate good will with those who stop by this small attraction.

Will guests be able to download their photos later from an online gallery?

Yes. All photos will be uploaded to an online gallery after the vent, where they will be able to download high resolution jpegs with no watermark. Here is an example: http://rebrand.ly/think2018

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