No long lines

- just great headshots

You don't have a lot of room in your booth on the expo floor, and you just want to give great headshots to your clients and friends old and new.

Or your whole company is collected in one spot, for a meeting or a convention. And you want to create gorgeous, coherent, high quality headshots for your VIPs, or maybe for everyone gathered.

But you don't need a bunch of social sharing kiosks, and you don't expect huuuge lines at your booth all day long. You just want great headshots.

Every photo in the gallery is un-retouched, straight from camera, made on-location by EXPO TRAFFIC and STEVEN JOSEPH PHOTOGRAPHY.

We bring multiple iPads for real-time viewing of your headshots, so there's no guessing or hoping you'll love them. You'll see them instantly as they are made.


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Headshots for Dell-EMC World 2017 Compliments of Linkedin
Headshots for Dell-EMC World 2017 Compliments of Linkedin

Pricing information right here. And check out our FAQ here.