Las Vegas Food Photography: On-Location
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Las Vegas Food Photography: On-Location

Chefs and restaurant owners often turn to Steven Joseph Photography when they want professional Las Vegas food photography for their printed menu, their video menu, and to feed the social media beast. Instagram etc require a steady flow of interesting and beautiful photos.

Let us make a combination of food photos - including bird's eye view, 45° angled, and environmental shots that incorporate your restaurant's vibe and decor, and hero master shots encompassing your best selling items. We can also make gorgeous portraits of Chef and staff, both informal portraits and formal headshots. Finally we can capture your staff as you work in the kitchen to create your amazing fare.

This photo of a plate of spaghetti and marinara sauce on a square ceramic plate is taken at about a 45° angle. The food is sitting in front of several actual items from the restaurant - a colander, a couple spice shakers, and some signage - to tie in the ambiance and vibe of the space.

Filename: PASTAIDEA_Spaghetti-with-Marinara-Sauce-1-2.jpg. 1/200; f/6.3; ISO 125; 70.0 mm.

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