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FAQ - Las Vegas Elopement Photo Tour

What if we only want 1 hour of photography?

Having done close to 400 weddings in the Las Vegas area, most of them elopement tours, my advice to you is that 1 hour is not enough time to get the quality of photos you see in my portfolio. This is a specialized product for people who truly value a high quality photo tour from a local expert.

Can we get a refund if we only do one hour of your photo tour?

The base rate of this Las Vegas Photo Tour is $799 for up to 3 hours. You can leave at any point in the tour. Most people have so much fun that they don't know where the time went.

Can we do a photo tour with you if we are not getting married?

Yes! Many people who want to commemorate a special occasion with outstanding photography and a great experience hire our Las Vegas Photo Tour. High School Graduates. College Graduates. Family Reunions.

Do you recommend locations for our Las Vegas Photo Tour?

Downtown Las Vegas (DTLV). (12 minutes from The Wynn. Free. https://rebrand.ly/dtlv ) This is my favorite place to do any kind of couples and portrait photography in Las Vegas. And I've done a lot of it! This is Old Skool Vegas. NEON everywhere. Sinatra's Vegas. James Bond's Vegas. Binion's Vegas. Fremont Street. DTLV is human-scale, welcoming to small groups wishing to drink in the vibe, the small restaurants, and bars, the street art, the neon, the music festivals, the partiers, the energy. DTLV is both the historical Vegas and, thanks to Tony Hsieh who is spending a big part of his Zappos / Amazon fortune on renewing DTLV, DTLV is also the newest, hippest, up and coming Vegas at the same time.

The Arts District. (8 minutes from The Wynn. Free. https://rebrand.ly/theartsdistrict ) Just 5 minutes from DTLV this renewing area is overflowing with amazing street art and emerging cafes and restaurants. None of the neon of DTLV but the same mellow, human-scale, welcoming walking vibe and way more street art. If you like colorful urban funky, this is a great spot. This is a great location for a day-time shoot.

Dry Lake Beds in The Desert. (35 minutes from The Wynn. Free. https://rebrand.ly/NelsonDryLakeBed ) Stark, spare, starkly beautiful morning, noon or dusk if properly lit. This is also a great location for a day-time shoot, and of course photos made during Magic Hour / Blue Hour are amazing.

Eldorado Canyon / Nelson Ghost Town (50 minutes from The Wynn. $10-$30. https://rebrand.ly/NelsonGhostTown ) This homestead, owned by a great family, has slowly built itself into a destination spot for photographers and filmmakers. The owners have built or deconstructed, transported from far away and re-built nearly all of the old west structures you see on the property. The property is also filled with classic old cars, and some of the best cactus you can shoot in Vegas. They charge very reasonable fees and just leave you alone to make beautiful.

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign (8 minutes from The Wynn. Free). It's kind of a must-see. What most tourists don't realize is that you can go to either side of the long line and get a much better angle and skip the wait, which is how we do it. They all stand too close, too. Of course, we professionally light it, with the right composition, so you look like a movie star and not a tiny doll.

Lake Las Vegas (36 minutes from The Wynn. Free. https://rebrand.ly/LakeLasVegas ). Not too far from Vegas, and offering a mix of green landscaping and interesting architecture. If you stay out of some of the hotels it's usually a hassle-free, easy and free experience.

Floyd Lamb Park at Tule Springs (25 minutes from The Wynn. $6 per vehicle. https://rebrand.ly/FloydLambPark ) - This little oasis in the desert way back in the 1930s was originally one of the dude ranches where folks seeking a quickie divorce stayed for six weeks in order to meet Nevada's liberal divorce laws. It is a great place for photos with its lakes and green lawns and towering trees. Another place in Vegas that doesn't feel like you're in the Mojave Desert. And I've never been hassled there.

The Strip. Fabulous. Over-the-Top. World Famous. And at the bottom of my list of favorite places to do photography in Vegas. I love the neon and the energy and the excitement and the excess and world-class architecture. But I don't like the traffic (ugh), as bad as any freeway at rush hour. And I don't like how many properties chase you off if you bring a professional photographer with lights. Unlike DTLV The Strip doesn't feel very welcoming that way. The Strip is also MUCH BIGGER than people realize, and to get in two or three locations involves a lot more walking than most people anticipated. Bring sneakers. You will get a lot less for your money on the Strip because traffic and long walks will consume much our time together.

The Fremont Street Experience (10-15 minutes from The Wynn.) While this destination in DTLV is even more over-the-top than The Strip itself and the mega-ist most-ist neon-o-riffic place in America, it has become very unfriendly to professional photographers. All the photographers I know have been chased off from under the Big TV by security as soon as we break out lights and look like we know what we're doing. Why is Fremont Street hostile to professional photography? I don't know. But it is.

If the State and Federal Parks didn't make it so difficult and expensive, I would list the following parks near the top of this list, but sadly it is expensive and difficult to shoot at these places, but not impossible.

Spring Mountain Ranch State Park (40 minutes from The Wynn. $50 photography permit fee. https://rebrand.ly/SpringMountainRanch ) - One of the naturally greenest places in Las Vegas, this State Park used to be an early homesteader's ranch, green because of the constant seep of water coming from the mountains this ranch is up against. This location has amazing views of the mountains, a huge great lawn, cool old fences and buildings, even a grove of beautiful cozy trees. It feels like you're somewhere else, not in the middle of the Mojave Desert. I love shooting portrait sessions here. Sadly, for reasons unknown, Park administration has a history of disrupting photographers, so I don't recommend this place.

Valley of Fire State Park (55 minutes from The Wynn. $50 photography permit fee. https://rebrand.ly/ValleyOfFire ) - Again just like the two examples above, gorgeous and a photographer's dream except for how difficult the administration makes it for professional photographers. Without a permit, you will be hassled by Rangers, and even with a permit I've been hassled and badgered. For more info on "commercial photography permits" at Nevada State Parks see this link http://parks.nv.gov/fees/photography-permits

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area (35 minutes from The Wynn. $250 photography permit fee. https://rebrand.ly/RedRockCanyon ) - Much like Spring Mountain Ranch mentioned above, this place is strikingly beautiful, but a pain the *** to shoot professionally in. Permits can take 3 weeks and cost hundreds of dollars. Ugh.

Why don't you recommend the State Parks and National Parks in the Las Vegas area?

Sadly, the managers of these beautiful locations make it difficult and expensive to do professional photography there. For example, it is about $250 and can take several weeks to get a photography permit for Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.

Can we shoot at XYZ place?

I will shoot with you anywhere it is legal.

How do you calculate the time we spend together?

Our time together starts from the moment we first meet until we part.

Is the fee for XYZ place covered by the $799?

Additional fees and permits are your responsibility. Many places charge additional fees, like admission into the Neon Boneyard, or The Linq High Roller, or Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, or Spring Mountain Ranch State Park, etc. I will work with you (e.g., to put the party on our liability insurance) to arrange for permits and such but they are your responsibility and need to be completed by the time of our shoot.

Can you provide maps to some of the places you recommend for shooting?

Yes. All maps are from The Wynn.

DTLV (Downtown Las Vegas)

The Arts District

Nelson Ghost Town / Eldorado Canyon Mine Tour

Eldorado / Boulder Dry Lake Bed

Lake Las Vegas

Floyd Lamb Park atTule Springs

Spring Mountain Ranch State Park

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Valley of Fire State Park

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