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Rene + Chris

Spring Mountain Ranch + Nelson Eldorado Canyon

We really covered some ground with these guys. Their taste in locations is excellent. They chose two of my visually favorite locations for a photo tour.

The first place, Spring Mountain Ranch, is kind of a pain in the *** to arrange insurance and permitting and fees, but it's just so pretty I still recommend it.

The second place - Nelson Ghost Town - could not be easier, basically the opposite of Nevada State Parks. Nelson Ghost Town / Eldorado Canyon Mine Tours just asks for three things and then off you go.

  1. listen to a 3 minute scare lecture about the snakes and cactus
  2. agree to keep your clothes on and to stay off the antiques
  3. pay a very small fee

It's that easy! which is one reason I love shooting at Nelson / Eldorado Canyon. I also love the owners, who are the coolest people. And finally, it is one of Vegas' most visually fascinating fun places.

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