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Save up to $8,000.

Create the Most Effective Selling Environment Possible.

Dominate the Tradeshow Floor.

The Most Complete Sponsorship There Is.

The Only Sale We've Ever Offered.

After enjoying some really deep discounts this Black Friday / Cyber Monday holiday season, we decided to offer a genuine, very deep discount to everybody who has ever expressed interest in the best headshot lounge in America - the EXPO TRAFFIC HEADSHOT LOUNGE.

Well here it is. This is real, folks.

The EXPO TRAFFIC Headshot Lounge

The Ultimate Traffic Generator.

The Ideal Selling Environment. The Complete Sponsorship.


In Las VegasSavingsNot in VegasSavings
1 Day Attraction$7,998$5,999$2,000$6,999$1,000
2 Day Attraction$13,998$8,999$5,000$11,999$2,000
3 Day Attraction$17,998$9,999$8,000$12,999$5,000

If you've ever thought of bringing the best traffic generator in the business to your tradeshow booth - a high quality headshot lounge from EXPO TRAFFIC - but balked at the price, here is your very limited window of opportunity to save up to $8,000. Same fantastic gorgeous lighting. Same expert direction from very experienced, talented photographers. Same multi-array of super simple social kiosks with real-time social sharing. Same incredible selling environment.

If you want to pack your tradeshow booth, or your sponsor's booth, with leads and customers all day long, at a steep discount, this is your chance.

Questions? Here's our FAQ. And please feel free to call, text or email any time. Steve Fogarty, 702-904-2972 steve@expotraffic.com.

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